Anti Aging for Men

As you age, so does your skin, which is why a man’s skincare routine should change with the times. Your routine should contain these three essentials: A cleanser, a moisturizer, and an SPF sunscreen. These three products should be the building blocks of your routine, with everything else just an optional benefit.

In your 20s, your goal should be preservation and protection. At around age 25 (or earlier if you’re a smoker), your body naturally stops producing collagen. Hence, you may start seeing signs of aging, like wrinkles, once you hit 30. By your 30’s, your objective is to delay the aging process. At age 40 and beyond, your goal should be to maintain the skin you’ve been diligently taking care of for the last two decades.

The Skin Routine a Man Needs

1. Cleanser

The first step in most men’s skin care routines is cleansing. By now, you should have a cleanser of your choice, be it a body wash, face wash, foaming face wash, or soap. Whatever you use, you should make sure it’s at least foamy, since that’s a marker of which cleansers are effective. For best results, use a cleanser at least twice a day.

Note: This will require you to increase the frequency of showers you take. However, showering is important for several reasons, including hygiene, reducing hair loss, and reducing body odor, so make sure you’re taking advantage of every chance you get.

2. Moisturizer

Men aren’t as concerned with wrinkles and age spots as women are, so a lot of guys don’t use moisturizers.

Your 20s: Preserve and Protect

Your skin is in its prime from age 20 until about 35. This is the time to protect your skin and keep it as youthful as possible.

There are two factors that contribute to youth on a youthful skin: moisturizer and sunscreen.

Vitamin C protects and repairs skin by boosting collagen production. Plus, vitamin C is a hydrator, so it helps to keep skin moisturized, which results in supple, glowing skin.

Aloe vera protects and soothes skin, which is especially important during the winter season when skin is dry.

(Note: To make your skin brighter, use a citrus-based cream.)

In your 30s: Delay the Aging Process

It’s imperative to slow down the aging process in your 30s because collagen levels start to decrease.

Your 30s: Delay the Aging Process

Your skin needs to be balanced, hydrated, and protected. Your goal should be to create a daily routine to support your skin’s health, as well as make it look and feel better. All the best skin care products out there are sold as face products. However, a face cream can be used on your neck, under your eyes, on your neck, and even on your chest. Mix and match your cleanser and moisturizer to get the job done.

Do not neglect your skin’s protective factor, which means you should use a sunscreen every single day. Yes, sunscreen should be an essential ingredient in your daily skincare routine. The number of high-quality products at your local drugstore is also expanding. Do not settle with a generic sunblock.

Your 40s+: Maintain the Skin You’ve Taken Care of

Now that you’ve officially entered your mid-life career, it’s time to really maximize the growth you’ve already achieved, while minimizing the damage you’ve already done. It’s time to invest in products and procedures that will help you avoid wrinkles and wrinkles-causing sun damage. At this age, you can look forward to better skin, healthier-looking skin, and an even smoother, younger-looking skin.

Prevent Dark Spots and Wrinkles

Among the most commonly known signs of aging is the dark spot that forms in the middle of the face after the sun overexposes the skin. Although you’ve only gained awareness of them after you turn 40, they’re often symptoms of a prior sunburn or a rosacea.


This is your routine, and you should consider it an extension of your daily skin care regime. Remember, your skincare routine doesn’t have to be a separate step to your skincare routine. In fact, if you’re able to incorporate it into your current skincare routine, you’ll save some money and waste less product.